Active  member  shall be a US or Canadian based healthcare professional   of  Kashmiri  heritage.  Non-physician/dentist healthcare professionals such as Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Pharmacists  ,  Researchers , Healthcare Eexecutives and other para-medical professionals would be  eligiible for active membership. Applicants of Non-Kashmiri descent may be accepted under this category after evaluation on a case-by-case basis by the Membership Committee.

Active members  shall have the privilege to  hold  an office and participate in elections. Active members dont necessarily  have to be responsible for running day to day activities of the organization.


The associate membership will be open to trainees  (residents/fellows ) and students of Kashmiri heritage who are pursuing training in various healthcare fields in US or Canada.

Associate members shall have privileges of active members except that they may not hold any elected office or be able to vote in any election.


Individuals of Kashmiri heritage who are not health care professional but demonstrate interest in the activities of the Society and are interested in promoting the vision and mission of the organization may be accepted as affiliate members on case by case bases as determined by the Membership Committee.

Affiliates shall have same privileges as that of active members but may neither vote nor hold office.


Individuals who render distinguished service to the “Society” and/or have a record of high achievement and significant contribution in the field of health care may be proposed for honorary membership by any member of the Society.

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Although KASHMER is primarily a healthcare professionals organization but anyone can join us and contribute.Please contact us at helpdesk@kashmer.org should you face any difficulty during registration process.