No Kidney Left Behind

A multi-tiered project to assist in the huge chronic kidney disease burden in the Kashmir valley.


Critical need due to high prevalence and prohibitive costs in chronic kidney disease patients

Cost of HD is Rs 1800-2000 per session, Rs.18 to 22 k/month, ie. 2.6-3 lakhs/year ($3,700-4, 350 per year)

Renal transplant cost: pre and post transplant is approximately 2 lakhs when in state and 15 lakhs out of state. Cost of drugs is Rs.15-20 k/month

Our Work:

KASHMER currently has 3 ongoing projects to ameliorate this need.


Our ground partner, HPVT has over 145 registered chronic renal disease patients for hemodialyses. HPVT currently sends these to adjoining dialyses centres where it has arranged for patients to get chronic mantainance renal care and hemodialyses at subsidized rates and in some cases for free.

One of these centers is Al Imdaad, which runs a non profit dialyses centre at its location in Qamarwari.  The centre previously had 4 running HD machines and would benefit from 2 more HD machines to run efficiently and cater to a greater need. KASHMER, donated 2 hemodialyses machines to the centre in 2017. The centre now has 7 working machines and Kashmer has donated an additional Fresenius 4008S NG in 2019. Also the center now has a fulltime physician on duty.

It was proposed this will benefit by improving compliance and hence outcomes of a needy subset of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, on mantainance hemodialysis getting low cost to free dialyses on these machines; Support non profit organizations working to fill void for charity Hemodialyses programs; Critical need of Mantainance dialyses due to high prevalence of chronic renal disease and prohibitive costs; hence decreasing the burden on tertiary care centers.


Provision to sponsor a CKD patient through our ground partner HPVT with different levels of sponsorship available.


Along with our local implementing partners, we started our TRCD-Transportation Relief in Chronic Disease Project, that involves providing transportation to screened needy patients with Chronic Disease, initially in chronic renal failure for their maintenance hemodialyses, amongst other diagnoses. For this we provide an ambulance that shuttles screened patients for their weekly HD sessions increasing compliance and easing hardship in this conflict ridden region. This transportation need was identified by our ground partner, BOUKVAT as critical for poor patients from far-flung areas thus improving compliance and longterm outcomes of these patients. 

A lot of  hemodialysis patients find it difficult to come for their maintenance HD even with free and subsidized costs due to the hardship of travel, bus connections, immobilization during hartals, curfews and lockdowns. 70% of these maintenance dialyses patients had to come in  public transport, which besides the factors mentioned above is also time consuming and  can adversely affect their HD session.  A patient may lose 30-45 minutes on a dialyses session for this reason and in some cases if they are not ambulatory they can miss sessions altogether.